Chelo's Hometown Bar & Grille - Warwick

Chelo's Hometown Bar & Grille - Warwick

2225 Post Road
Warwick RI 02886

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  • Jan 22, 2021 by Laurissa Galipeau

    I had Chelo's cater my wedding this fall and they were absolutely amazing. Not only was the food so delicious they were so professional. We had to find a caterer 6 weeks out from our wedding day on columbus day weekend. They were available due to a cancellation and we super helpful with picking things out and even snuck in a tasting to make sure we liked all the food. Overall I cannot say enough good things about them. They did exceptionally well in a pandemic. Highly recommend them for your wedding.

  • Nov 12, 2020 by Catherine Brown

    Excellent food reasonably priced and friendly service. Very clean and great drinks to choose from. So good I forgot to grab a photo.

  • Oct 28, 2020 by Brian Kerr

    This place is great. Fantastic location and very convenient to PVD airport. The staff is GREAT and the food is excellent.

    Do yourself a favor and stop in. You won't be disappointed.

  • Oct 20, 2020 by Steel Courage

    Love it here. I work near by and its very convenient to have great quality local food near. Price vary on your choice. The staff are friendly, and welcoming. Their menu has a lot of choices to choose from! Their clam chowder are also delicious! The environment is spacious when you enter this Chelos. I'm always frank with you about places that I visit and review. Remember that your experience can vary differently from mine. I wasn't disappointed from this Chelos. I hope I won't be.

  • Oct 17, 2020 by Cat x

    The girls at the counter are very sweet and friendly. The calamari is the best I’ve ever had and I’ve had dozens of dishes. Chelos is my go-to for calamari and chocolate fudge cake.

  • Oct 06, 2020 by Debbie Markley

    Food was very good. Waitress was good. Service was fast. Quite pleased overall

  • Sep 20, 2020 by Anne Duran

    Great service. Food was good. Happy with our experience at Chelos.

  • Sep 12, 2020 by A Google User

    Nice place. We had a seat at the bar with the plexiglass up. We had great service and food . Definitely would go again!!

  • Sep 10, 2020 by A Google User

    This is a nice Chelo's just across the street from the airport. Friendly wait staff and good food. Had a lobster salad sandwich and it was not loaded with mayo, which I appreciated. Another at our table had chowder and clamcakes (chowder choice red, seafood, white) and that was also good. I have had other things here like a steak sandwich which is quite good too. They have a reasonable wine list that any somewhat snobbly wine enthusiast (like me) can live with.

  • Aug 25, 2020 by Sean Hannon

    Good food great drinks ...

  • Aug 19, 2020 by Jennifer Langton

    Fish and chips!!! The very best! Summer Sangria...yumm!

  • Jul 18, 2020 by Charlie Pruenca

    Great place. Huge portion, great friendly staff and awesome desserts.

  • Jun 25, 2020 by Tanya Signore

    Little Sophia & I went here recently and were very happy. One item we ordered off of the dinner menu was on a special. Where you can get a free side and free dessert!

  • Jun 16, 2020 by Jeff Federico

    Glad to be able to go out for a sit down eat in dinner again. Never dissapointed here, good food, good portions, good prices.

  • Jun 15, 2020 by Tammi Wheeler

    I had a great meal and my sever Kyle, was very polite and he did a great job

  • Mar 27, 2020 by Paul Alarie

    Been going here now for years. My wife and I always sit at the bar and enjoy the fast service from all the excellent bartenders. Turkey Club, Clam Chowder, Meat Pie, and Pot Pie are just a few of my favorites. The bar will also serve you up whatever you would like. A lot of locals and people flying in for business tend to be the regular crowd. Usually a great view of the Patriot’s Jet across the street at the Airport.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aimee.

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about this place so I wanted to come here and try their milkshakes. I ordered the golden gay time one and was shocked by how big the milkshake was. It was $15 which is definitely expensive for a drink but it was literally the size of a meal... it included a whole golden gaytime ice cream as well.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Al Louise

    The staff are always really nice and make coffee promptly. The building is beautiful. The coffee isn't the best you can get but it's consistently good there aren't a lot of nice places to get a takeaway coffee in Malvern so this is my preference.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aimee.

    This is a great restaurant to come to if you’re looking for fresh, delicious seafood and other Australian dishes. They use the best ingredients to offer you the best dishes. The king prawns are a must try.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aimee.

    This restaurant offers French inspired dishes and food in a nicely decorated setting. Their garlic prawns are absolutely delicious and filled with flavour and fragrance. Portions are decent and you will be left feeling satisfied.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Umut Arslan


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shubratha Chandrashekar

    Excellent Ambiance and seamless service! Thanks to Nimo!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Abirami

    The best!!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sayed Arif


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Lourenço Paour Costa


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sahil Pathan

    Especially apoorv is really good at service!!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nadia Kerimova

    Location is soo good. Coctails is really very good. Just find Umut and wait for him best cocktails

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sachiu Mane


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Angelia Fransisca Rusli


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nana Nriame

    The break room we went with friends for celebration of birthday it was amazing and food was delicious and staff are very good to thanks to all team break room

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Victoria Andeway Glynn

    We were walking towards another bagel spot and a guy with a bagel necklace pointed us towards Liberty. Totally loved our breakfast! I had a BLT with avocado, hubs got the original nova and we got the colorful rainbow bagel for our kiddo with Nutella pb and strawberry schmears.. and of course, the St Paddy’s bagel with Baileys. The staff was super nice too! Yum!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Talal Barada

    اطيب بروسلي بالمجرة

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Steven Xu


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Deepshikha Saxena

    It is always fulfilling experience with social. I alwys left so satisfying.everyexperience compels me to revisit.this time i tried their chickn sandwich named the mile high club nonveg sandwitch and it was out of the world experience. So fresh,yummy chicken soft bread exact combinations of ingradients were mouthwatering. A MUST TRY!!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Vysakh Kumar


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sahib Singh

    The perfect Chinese cuisine. Loved it

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Pankaj Mehra

    Good service by Amit Mahajan visited this place a week ago.Tried few veg and non-vej sanack all were too good . A special mention their chicken malai tikka too good also

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Ashleigh Michelle

    My partner and I visited for brunch yesterday and really enjoyed our experience. The interior is dark and unique to any other cafe I've been to. With bright neon lights and good music, it kind of feels like dining in a club! The menu is Japanese fusion style and very creative. We ordered a Rainbow latte, Golden Latte, Chicken & Waffles, The Benny and a raindrop cake. The rainbow latte was so pretty and made me want to try more of their drinks - next time. The golden latte was such a generous serving as I basically got two cups worth. It had a nice flavour and wasn't overpowering with tumeric. The Benny was definitely our favourite dish. The pork belly was perfectly tender and flavourful. The potato croquette was soft and creamy on the inside and crunchy outside. The Chicken & Waffles looked incredible as it was a huge stack. However, taste didn't match the presentation for this one. The waffles were a bit dry and the chicken wasn't crunchy enough for our liking. It was also pink in the middle, which the waitress reassured us this was perfectly cooked and it's just the colour of the marinade. However, it still put us off a bit. The raindrop cake was definitely unlike anything I've seen before and was quite enjoyable. Even though I'm not a huge fan of jelly, I thought this was a super refreshing way to end our meal. Cafe Lafayette is definitely worth a visit, especially for the creative drinks and to experience the dark, colourful interior!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shipra_D Soul Foodie

    I had tried food from here 2-3 times now and my favourite is their Spiced Lamb Burger as it's huge and every bite gives you flavour. This place serves high nutrition food and takes care of their packaging and hygiene. A place to be trusted for sure if you looking for quality and quantity. The price justifies. Do try out their cookies as they are super crisp. Grilled chicken with Rosemary sauce was something new for me and I quite liked it. It's presentation in delivery was commendable.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Food For Soul

    Great street food options. Loved their cheese corn momo and panner momo. Desi chow in was one of the masterpiece. Don’t forget to blend it with Adraki chai. In street food another must try is sev puri chat. Great service by the staff

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nisha Jain


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Narendra Thakur


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Merve Tükenir

    Barin hemen Marmaray yakininda olmasi anadolu yakasindan gelmek icinde cok kolay. Kokteyller cooook basarili. Ucretsiz nachos ikram edilmesi siradisi ve hos. Henüz yeni bir bar olduğunu öğrendik. Umarim cok gereksiz kalabaliklasmaz

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Narendra Thakur


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Salman


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Narendra Thakur


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sultan Mohammed

    Masala Mandi, a buffet restaurant located in Sarjapur Road. The ambience of this place is next to none, very unique and when they say royal dining expirence they definitely mean it. As you enter you see a giant pond, various stalls like the chat stall, paan stall, desserts and drinks counter also a very well placed counter for mains. The plates, the glasses, the cutlery all made from copper. Food is not just tasty, but healthy too. Starters are grilled on the table, the have chicken, fish, prawns, mushroom, paneer, etc served on the grill. Mutton seekh kebab and chicken wings served separately. Main course, the have a decent spread, every dish is very well made. They have about 20 mocktails to choose from, very refreshing ones. Desserts, they serve mostly Indian desserts, again not too many options, but all available desserts again are really well made. The kulfis are must try. Really appreciate it if they could have more foreign desserts like cake and pastry etc. Special thanks to Mr. Dalou for making our dining expirence a pleasant one. Bon Appetit!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aarathi Ajish

    This was my first time trying Korean cuisine..absolutely loved it..!!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Loretta


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Narendra Thakur


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Lin Lu


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Manoj Gunawdiya


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aarathi Ajish

    Very authentic and tasty food. Every dish we ordered were amazing..!!!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Manoj Gunawdiya


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Gamze çınar


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by

    Tried the cheese sandwich it was oozing out 3 types of cheese toasted in butter sooo goood . And veg indome noodles it wasn't bad.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Akhilesh


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Jess Brown

    Even though I live on the other side of town, all the time I tend to return to this spot. They got me into their app which is really nice. Thereby I like their menu variety and the quality of the food, very tasty. Also, their breakfast is all-day so ideal if you are craving breakfast for late lunch or dinner. Returning customer!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Teresa Wong

    Love this restaurant! Food is always amazing. Akhil and the rest of the staff are friendly and attentive. We go weekly and will continue to do so. Try the Chai!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Koksal Mahmutoglu


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Eger canınız işkembe yada kellepaça çektiyse gidilecek en iyi mekanlar arasında sarıhan tavsiyemdir

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Pavan Rajak


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Fatma Koçmnts


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Akhilesh


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shreya Banerjee

    Lovely ambience.Courteous staff. One of the best places to hang out.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Rahul_Bhukkad

    This place is good for fitness freaks as they serve healthy food. Lot of options to choose from the menu. I recently visited and tried their paneer tikka sandwich. It was fresh and fully nutritious. Decent quantity for single person.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Ashleigh Michelle

    We visited this new cafe for brunch in the weekend, and I must say it was the best meal I've had in a long time! I wasn't really sure what to expect beforehand as I saw online how extensive the menu is (it includes brunch meals, lunch meals, woodfire pizzas and specialty Middle Eastern dishes). But it really seems they are nailing every dish! I had the Portobello Mushrooms which were absolutely divine. They were Panko crumbed which was super tasty. The chilli oil and sauce was so full of flavour where I just kept wanting more. It also came with two eggs which were poached to perfection. I also had a beetroot latte which was the prettiest beetroot latte I've ever been served. I loved that they put the honey on the side so you can decide how sweet you like it. My partner ordered the Baked Eggs which he really enjoyed and rated it as one of the best he's had. We also both agreed the coffees were perfect also and served nice and hot (which isn't always the case!) The cafe itself is quite large and spacious, so it would be good for larger groups too or functions. The team are friendly and happy to have a chat so do make you feel comfortable. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Pavan Rajak


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aru

    Soooo yummy pothichoru

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Foodie Insaan


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Pavan Rajak


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Yine cok sevdigim ferah otopark sorunu bile olmayan kebapları harika bir mekan cocuklu aileler rahatlıkla gidebilir serviside cok iyi

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Rashid Jawed


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Kandarp Devashrayee

    Had an awesome Thandai on the day of Holi. Tried their Butter Pao Bhaji having typical Bumbaiya Test also Aloo Paratha was good and so franky.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Hasibul Islam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Qamar Sultana


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Why__dee

    Impeccable service and astounding food! We celebrated our 2nd anniversary here and the staff was super attentive and accommodating. We’ve never experienced a fine dining experience like this before. Definitely worth every cent!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Octadianti K


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Rizz Rass


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Lucky


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Lucky


  • Mar 16, 2020 by EAT ZWorld

    The skinny crab sandwich is soo tasty! I suggest you to try it. Mango's world salad is so delicious with its bang bang sauce. Very nice outdoor seating. Very Recommended!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shivani Saini

    I order very frequently from this place,have only ordered meals. The price was 100 or 110 earlier. Now it's 150 but it's worth it. The food is delicious, gives andhra feels. The quantity is enough for 2 people to have their stomach full. Definitely recommended.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Steak hause tarzına büründüler bu mekanda kahvaltıda cok hoş zevkli akşam yemegi içinde tercih edilir

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Herşey kaliteli temiz servis harika eskiden beri ugrak yerlerimizden giden pişman olmaz

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Larissa Pepe

    O melhor crepe da cidade de Lisboa, com um cardapido sensacional, nada a falar mal só bem! Melhor lugar pra curtir com os os amigos e se divertir! Amoooo

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Siyaram Gurjar


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Johnny Lee

    A great vibe with both modern & timeless interior, provide us a comfy dining environment(although it’s quite hot since people are too passion about what they are doing inside), cuisine at Céleste is inspired by French, also the mixture of the heritage of Tongan & Pilipino, featured with New Zealand seasonal ingredients, providing us an unique taste and dining experience.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Eskiden beri sevdigimiz bir yer etleri cok lezzetli kırmızı halıda yürümek keyif veriyor güzel mekan tertemiz

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nishtha

    Its the best outlet in noida you can visit.. it has a nice sitting area quite big so you can easily get seats and everything else is same as the other outlets... the food is amazing.. the new feature which i saw that you can order from your seat with your phone and you dont have to stand in long lines... then you can take your order directly... do visit here and you’ll love it

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Asmita Shrenewash

    Ambiance was good quality of good also great murg muslam was to much delicious Thanku Suman for service and suggest

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Cok hoş bir mekan mutlaka seviceksiniz herşey temiz ve lezizdi

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Manoj Kumar


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Tom

    One of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. Fresh ingredients, perfectly cooked eggs, well seasoned and great service

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Busy_At_Eating

    I was looking for some restaurant which can provide all types of cuisine at the same time and place. LA kitchen is the place where you can find North Indian, Mughlai and Maharastrain food at the same venue. I recently ordered some delicious food from this outlet. I ordered Butter Chicken :4,5/5 Butter Chicken spicy : 4,5/5 The food was freshly cooked and delivered. The chef has perfect hand on the flavours and spices. The greavy was really very thick. The quality and the quantity is great. The outlet is 5 minutes walking distance from Chembur Railway Station. Must visit HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHEERS.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Om Prakash


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shreyal Shah


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Uvesh Khan


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Mfc Orange01


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Özellikle ramazan ayında tercih ettigimiz bir yer bahçesi cok güzel herşey cok lezzetli

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Rõ Hît Chaudhary

    Very good taste

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Food N Me

    I think this is the first outlet of la pino'z chain.. pizza is good ..

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shaikh Dinmahammad

    Awesome place for young and IT professionals in hinjewadi , awesome food , great music , wonderful ambience, open from afternoon till wee hours in morning. A must place to visit

  • Mar 16, 2020 by THEFOODYWINGS_11

    This place is really lit... Though I haven't visited this place but ordered from this place alot many times ... MARGHERITA CHEESE PIZZA is a must from this place... Sharing it with u all

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Naeem Aslam

    Best Biryani in Doha

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Rafael Zohrab

    Çoook çok temiz güzel şirin ve lezzetli bir mekan, işletmesi de çok efendi her izin günümde ordayım mutlaka muhteşem kahvaltısı için

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Momo


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Food N Me

    Best place for a dinner in chandigarh.. love this place.. 2nd visit... Very soon will visit again..

  • Mar 16, 2020 by سليمان راشد النق


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Burcu Aksoy Sertbakan / Rotabu

    İstanbul’da meyhane kültürünün 17. yüzyıldan itibaren ortaya çıktığını biliyor muydunuz? Ben de bilmiyordum.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Adishri Maiti

    The ratings speak the words. Awesome experience. ❤️

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Amit Chandra


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Amit Chandra


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Wesley.hpw


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Girish Nautiyal


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Johnny Lee

    Copia, a restaurant with no story, but focusing on serving gourmet food with a sustainable direction, this also means that they will adjust the menu according to the season. This is a restaurant/eatery suitable to any occasion, family, friends, business, or couple date. I would say the best time to visit is during evening before the sky gets dark, then you will get to enjoy both day view and night view of the spot.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sinan Ermiş


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Food Cravings

    Nice latte coffe with even milk spread! Cost wise is affordable and quality wise it is awesome, small but too good! Must try other mocktails too soon!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Davik Gupta

    Very tasty burgers. Variety of burgurs. The taste is very good.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Amit Chandra


  • Mar 16, 2020 by M3lissa____

    The home of amazing Greek Donuts! Visited their store in Windsor for some donut fix and I was really excited. They have a nice fit out in store and there were seating areas both inside and outside. Took us awhile to decide on the items on the menu, we decided on the lotus biscoff and the matcha. For drinks we decided on the Nutella Shake and the latte. The donuts are made fresh to order and they then pour the sauce on top. The donuts were so fluffy and crispy on the outside and it was made better with the sauce. I really enjoyed the texture of the donuts and the sauce complemented them really well. The Nutella shake screams Nutella all around, I really liked it and it was not overly sweet. It’s a nice spot to hang out, have some donuts or shake after a meal or even before if you’re love you sweets. Don’t forget to check out their instore special menu available with different daily specials everyday.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Moin Khan

    This Restaurant is just best hotel in kmm bcz From day one the I have ordering the breakfast it has never send the food late it was in time and in good packing that's why I am a big fan of this hotel

  • Mar 16, 2020 by 赵霄雅


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Eric Friend


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Food Cravings

    One of the oldest Vegiterian North Indian restaurant in Chennai with the traditional cooking flavours and taste, bombay halwa house is the original restaurant available today to try out North Indian foods in Chennai! . We had an awesome dinner from lassi, rotis, Manchurian, gravies to falooda and everything were rich in taste and quantity was appreciative! . I started with Spl.BHH lassi, it was so thick and tasty, it was filled with malai at the bottom which have additional taste to it! . Then we had chilly paneer and mushroom Manchurian with papad as staters. They were well fried and presented well. It were crispy and fresh to taste. . Then we had Spl.BHH family platter, it has a combination of 6 starters and serves 3-4 peoples made of paneer, mushrooms, pineapple, capsicum... each one being different and unique in taste and flavour. . Then we had different rotis and breads from Masala kulcha, Cheese Garlic naan, methi Parotta, Ajwain parotta and gobi kulcha. Each bread were made fresh and quality and quantity was par to the price!we even had veg biryani and paneer schezwan fried rice. . Gravies included paneer cheese tomato, gobi keema mutter, Veg kholapuri, dhall maharani and methi malai corn! Dal maharani had 5 types of dhall which makes it distinguished from others, stuffed tomato had paneer stufings inside, so you can have whatever combinations you want mostly here! . Finally we ended with indian faloodas (must try) which were so good and were available with Ice cream or kulfi. Both were different completely in taste, so try to taste both! . Overall, it is an awesome restaurant running successfully for such a long period with the same pride and quality. So food is so reliable. You will have ample parking and it is child friendly. Staffs are so polite and caring.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Gurupreet Singh

    Today's order of mine was the 4th or 5th order in a month, absolutely delicious and fresh food rushrs have, on Zomato this one will be my first priority always, very worthy for money dilevery packaging, only one request do please keep this quality and quantity maintain... The food quality I loved it.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Eric Friend


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Kocaman bir lahmacunu yemekte zorlanmıştım hiç o kadar büyük lahmacun görmemiştim cevizli harikaydı manzara zaten muhteşem tertemiz bir ortam

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aya Safieddine

    This is my go-to coffeeshop whether to study or hang out. The vibe is so positive & the staff are super friendly. Their hot chocolate is my favorite drink, and their turkey sandwich is also good. In fact, everything is good there. I love the concept, and I would really recommend people to go their for good coffee and the best service!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Bu mekanda sayılı iyi cheflerin emek verdigi lezzizmi leziz bir mutfaga sahip kebap severler mutlaka gidilesi

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Asım Üstün


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Maryam


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sanjay Yadav

    The tikka is literally the best thing you will ever eat and a big big plus point to the chutney.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Bu mekan eger avrupa yakasındaysanız bilmeniz gereken son derece lezzet şöleni yaşıyabileceginiz her zaman müşterisi bol bir mekandır

  • Mar 16, 2020 by George Toumeh


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Herkesin memnun ayrıldıgı hoş bir mekan

  • Mar 16, 2020 by ThinEatsThick

    One of the best dessert places I've been to. it's a match made in heaven for people with sweet tooth. We tried their 12 layered chocolate cake,banana bread,tart and black coffee. The 12 layered chocolate cake had the perfect texture, frosting and the right amount of bitterness. The banana bread and tart were also really good. The black coffee was not upto the mark.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Bayılacaksınızzz ortam şahane herşey son derece detaylandırılmış resim çekmek için harika şeyler düşünülmüş sahibesi hilal hn muhteşem zarif ilgili

  • Mar 16, 2020 by 김형균

    Best of best good♡

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Casper TheGOOK

    Great little cafe out in Pascoe Vale! Friendly service, warm atmosphere and the lamb burger was delicious!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Vaishak Pillai


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Jaspreet Chanana


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Hary Triadi


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Zaid Asad


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Feroz Khan

    Rooftop dining was great food was amazing Nice place to for doing party Suman selved us too much good

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Akshit Kalra


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Hala Shattat


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Subarnita Guha Roy

    Got a chance to visit this amazing place. It's in Saltlake Sector 3,very near to G. D. Market and 3-4 mins walking distance from Susrut Eye Hospital. 7 days is a themed restaurant based on one of our greatest Indian filmmaker, Bengali legend SATYAJIT RAY. The ambience was so lovely. The name 7 days came from 7 different types of thali from different States which is available here 7 days a week. Staff behavior here is remarkable. The owner himself, frequently came to us to ask about the food, which was a beautiful gesture according to me. Now coming to the food, we tasted few items : ◆Veg Kolhapuri (a spicy dish, really tasty) ◆Chicken Kalimiri Tandoori (8 pcs, outstanding taste) ◆Butter naan (soft and tasty) ◆Paneer Tikka (quite delicious) ◆Murgh Masallam (as usual my favorite and the yummiest) ◆Cold drinks (nothing to say about this)

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shan Dud

    Good food .. maintaing quality ....I will definitely recommend to my friends and family

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Salah Shaikh

    I love this freakie shake Palace is very good sitting is available good maintain and very clean i love Kings faaloda

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Casper TheGOOK

    An excellent Italian deli in South Yarra pumping out some amazing panini sandwiches. If you are looking for a great place to have lunch this is it!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Muiz Khan

    I just ordered Biryani Rice combo with quarter tandoori chicken, the food was really yummy & hott

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Casper TheGOOK

    Great donut shop out in boronia, made fresh every few hours. Great range with heaps of new specials rolling in every day. You must try the pandan one!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Don Prasanth


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sarah Ward

    The pizza is amazing and a good value for what you get!!! The crust is perfect thickness and they put heaps of toppings on. Not every pizza do I feel full after a couple slices, but Pizza Capers does a great job of filling me up and every bite tastes great. Highly recommend and very friendly staff!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Ati

    Despite venturing up Maungawhau on the regular and it being my local maunga, it was only today that I decided to pay a visit to Whau (we didn’t even walk up the mountain today.... or walk to the mountain). The first thing I noticed upon entering Whau was the sheer amount of natural light spilling in from the windows and how spacious it was. The waitresses were lovely and made it feel like you were being welcomed into someone’s home (working in hospitality and actually being hospital?? A relatively rare concept). We chose to sit outside which provided us with a beautiful Tāmaki Makaurau backdrop for our brunch. We ordered the Kūmara o Rongo with smoked fish and the Kakato Kawakawa. The Kūmara o Rongo was crispy on the outside and soft and moreish on the inside. I loved the addition of the smoked fish (I’m a sucker for a bit of seafood) as it brought an extra dimension to the dish and paired well with the pancake and crème fraiche. I’d also like to mention what a gorgeous and vibrant colour the pancake was. I also loved the addition of watercress (I think??). The Kakato Kawakawa was definitely the standout of our brunch for me. I absolutely love cinnamon and lucky for me it played a huge role in this dish. The fry bread was next level and made me so incredibly happy to eat (it also filled me with regret and lead me to eating half of Evan’s brunch... but who even cares??). The poached pear that came with this dish was perfectly cooked and packed it’s own little flavour bomb. Both of the dishes we ordered at Whau today were absolutely delicious. I love Whau’s modern play on traditional Māori cuisine and how they’ve taken childhood memories and significant parts of my culture and transported them to a playful realm of their own. I plan on coming back with my Mum very soon so that I can test out the other beauties on their menu (Kūtai Parai I see you and Mīharo) and she can indulge in a contemporary take on our culture.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Raj Shergill


  • Mar 16, 2020 by KAMAL KUMAR JAIN

    Fresh fast food , delicious

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shafaq Sayyed

    If you’re looking for mughlai biryani at an affordable price then this place is good to go and have some delicious rolls amd biriyani! Visited with my family and loved it!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Margaret G

    The vegan pancakes are just amazing here! Carrot cake flavour with coconut icecream. Just delicious and so good for you! The venue is really sweet too and love that they serve St.Ali coffee

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Pankaj Sharma


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Abdullah Khan

    Had bronze frost yesterday I was not having any idea about the cold coffees so I told him to suggest me and one of the staff named Prem Yadav told me to try bronze frost and he ensured me that it will be the best and after having it I had no words! Just brilliant from prem.Great experience having love&latte coffee keep it up!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Ranajit Mayra


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Emily Holzer


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Cynthia Cho

    The best brunch that I’ve ever been to! Easy to get to and the food was the best I’ve ever tried for both vegan food and brunch. The snickers açai bowl had a slightly chocolate-y tinge for the açai base which was surprising as I anticipated the snickers concept would just have been the vegan snickers cake. You couldn’t even tell that the burger dish was vegan. The portions were very generous and filling. The only thing that was not absolutely perfect was that one person’s dish came out much earlier than the other and it was a 20min for the next one to come out. Would highly recommend this place.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Emily Holzer


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Rui Figueira

    Local surpreendente! Decoração com inspiração dos anos 20, com um menu muito bem construído, uma grande diversidade de cocktails e empregados muito simpáticos. O único ponto negativo é o facto de não ter menu em português (ou não nos ter sido dado), o que para mim é algo incompreensível. Vou certamente regressar!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Rishabhpapers1

    Food is really good and presentation is also good.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shruthi N.R

    The food was authentic south Indian basically Tamil Nadu style. It was really spicy and had good masala which reminded you of home. Among starters the shredded chicken, karuvepillai chicken and prawn item were awesome. For main course, the biriyani was typical south Indian style loaded with masala, the idlys were soft and fluffy. The only drawback was the appam which was like a papad. The best dessert was the cheesecake. It's a must have when visiting this place.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Casper TheGOOK

    Great little cafe out in Reservoir. Enjoyed the okinomiyaki and the service. Highly recommended.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Good Flavor Restaurant

    The best Latin food in fort Pierce town Cuban sandwich good cuban coffe, Mexican food and more

  • Mar 16, 2020 by FoodyMoody

    awsome taste and great food taste.. i ever had.keep it up guys

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Steve Tsagaris

    The gyros are the best

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Winit

    Recently visited this place with my friend and totally worth it to dine . Ambience is good , staff was polite and Service was quick and attentive . What we had here market salad , Tex mex chicken burrito , Indian power bowl and last but not the least honey vanilla yoghurt . Overall I love this place and I recommend all of you must visit this place .

  • Mar 16, 2020 by FoodyMoody

    one of the finest places from where i had such a great exprenice...great and fresh food

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Filipa Godinho

    Tanto as tostas como os crepes ou waffles são maravilhosos, estes últimos podem optar pela sugestão que o restaurante dá ou fazer o seu ao seu gosto. Ultimamente provei o bolo do caco, recomendo que pecam sem mel se são amantes de queijo o sabor do mel corta o sabor.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Pranav Tiwari

    We had really gud fun at sarovar and we got a really good server named Apoorva.. we are from the hotelite industry and he is a good asset for the industry.. I am an owner of an event company and I would hire him as my employ as he is dedicated to the work... Thanks for the great experience... Go ma visit again!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Vikash Gadhotia

    The food is so tasty and delicious. I’ve tried it so many times and the taste gets better eveytime. I really liked it to be very honest and I would suggest everyone to try this out! The quality & quantity is amazing. I guess you don’t want to miss this amazing food tho ❤️

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Filipa Godinho

    A localização é muito favorável, bastante fácil de lá chegar. As panquecas são deliciosas.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Shobhit Uppal


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Filipa Godinho

    As panquecas são um must have, há para todos os gostos, doces ou salgadas. Para bebidas também há uma grande variedade. Se não for muito de opções doces pode sempre optar pelas tostas. O espaço é muito acolhedor.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by NARCOS SEASON 1

    As you can see the quality of food is so tasty and awesome!!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Mehak Kaur


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Filipa Godinho

    A tosta de cogumelos é maravilhosa muito cremoso, recomendo. Para quem quer beber algo fresco a limonada de morango era super fresca e saborosa, no fim até se pode comer os morangos

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Nesliylee

    Bu mekanın manzarası muhteşem ortam şık kahvaltısını bile begendim hatta özel davetlerinizde size ayrı bir mekan sunuluyor servisin zayıflıgı hariç herşey mükemmeldi balıklarıda tek kelime harikaaa

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sema Çalışkan

    Çalışanlar çok nazik ve ilgililerdi. Zomato goldu sorunsuz kullandık. Biz chocobon ve caramel pecanbon yedik ikiside gayet lezzetliydi.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by İrem Pekedis

    Çok sıcak bir karşılamayla dükkana girdik. Tatlılara zaten diyecek yok! Çok lezizlerdi. Kaymağı her tatlıya yakışacak tattaydı. Yemek üstü yememize rağmen rahat bir şekilde bir porsiyonu yedik, hafif ve güzeldi.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Agnelodsouza75

    Paneer burgers were amazing and loved the quality of Food

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Neethish RP


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Subhajit Roy

    We ordered two rolls. Egg melting cheese roll and one hakka chowmein roll.. They were just awesome.. Packaging is also very good. Highly recommended.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Coco And Vine

    In Short: XOPP is the golden child ofSydney’s established king of Asian cuisine,Golden Century Chinese Restaurant. It is named after the famous dish that made the original restaurant a bucket list destination. XOPP continues to deliver on some of the classic dishes while providing a modern spin on new dishes as well. In addition, there is a well stocked bar and combined with its unique location and interior design, makes this a perfect example of modern Chinese dining. ...

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sonali Rajput

    Manchurian and fried rice is really amazing and the quantity is also good

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Coco And Vine

    In Short: Benzin Cafe may be the new kid on Dural’s cafe block, but this is one cafe that focuses on serving good coffee and food with a spin that characterises their love for travel, experiences, and a fusion of flavours that will will reel in those who like a little adventure for brunch. ...

  • Mar 16, 2020 by VitaminDee86

    Hands down our favourite chinese restaurant in Melbourne!! Their zucchizucchi dumplings and eggplant w rice dishes are out of this world. Highly recommend, better food than any fancy restaurant for sure.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Coco And Vine

    In Short: Lankan Filling Station is leading the pack, as Sri Lankan cuisine really hits its stride across Sydney. Rock up, line up, and get yourself a few hoppers and brace yourself for a flavour explosion from the curries. . When I started thinking about writing this post, I was interested in the back story of O Tama Carey, owner and head chef at Lankan Filling Station. Reading her profile revealed a lady who got where she is in life by sheer hard work, persistence, flexibility, and no doubt a heap of cooking skills. To go from from Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and now to Sri Lankan cuisine shows a rare ability to adapt and excel. ...

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Jaleel Chehayeb


  • Mar 16, 2020 by Ananya Biswas

    The starters were awesome!....all types of kebabs were there....main course was fine....we did not eat too much of main course...biryani was perfect...last but not the least...the desserts were any gourmet's delight!right from gulab jamun to different types of is bound to delight any sweet tooth....I and my husband went with our family friends and we had a great time reliving our memories!

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Sree Mounika

    Loved the taste. I always order from santosh dhaba.. Iam a non vegetarian but still opt to have veg because of the taste I get here.

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Avishek Sengupta

    Great location, reasonable price and cheaper than any other shack. Great owner, nice host Ramesh. Overall a great experience. Highly recommended beach facing dine in .

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Dr.Raonak

    As the name suggests This place has some amazingggggg Kathi rolls and also tandoori chicken. One of my favourite place to have rolls. Also there service is super fast So you can try more dishes

  • Mar 16, 2020 by TastebuDXB

    Follow my blog on Instagram Located at The Pointe, Argentina grill offers gourmet style dining with romantic atmosphere, overlooking the mesmerizing Atlantis and stunning Fountain show. We started of with their special basil beauty cocktail

  • Mar 16, 2020 by Aimee.

    Well if you’re looking for French inspired modern Australian dining, this restaurant is the place to be. As their name suggests, they do amazing dishes with snails. I also recommend their salmon which is nicely cooked and nice and fatty.

  • Mar 08, 2020 by Paul Capozza

    Went to the Chelo's next to TF Green Airport. Great atmosphere and the food was really good too. Nice stop before or after a long flight.

  • Mar 03, 2020 by William Hume

    Family and friend oriented. We bring in our 95 and 98 year old grandparents and they eat,and enjoy, anything and everything they want. Always friendly staff always.

  • Jan 24, 2020 by Deb Pinky1

    Great food and good prices. If you are looking for a good burger, you need to try this restaurant. Wednesday and Friday... fish and chips. Yummy!

  • Jan 16, 2020 by Denise Lincoln

    We eat a Chelo's quite often. Service is always prompt. The servers are very pleasant abs the food consistently good!

  • Dec 06, 2019 by Victor Lugo

    Listen, if you like Chicken Parmigiana, this place is where you need to go. Large portion, fair price and comes with large salad for 15.95
    The chicken was crisp and covered with beautifully melted cheese. The sauce was so good, I asked them if they sold it by the jar. Friendly and informal, just the way it should be!

  • Nov 17, 2019 by Asher H.

    Food is consistently good and the classics remain great! You can not beat the roast beef or the clam cakes and chowder. The seasonal menus always bring something new to try. Don't forget to request a side of honey mustard for your fries!

  • Nov 05, 2019 by Mark Breidt

    Amazing, was visiting the Warwick area and was referred by the hotel worker. The food was superb. The prices are average. I had onion rings with my brother and they were awesome

  • Aug 07, 2019 by LilyMarlaina

    This was my first time at this particular Chelo's. I ordered a Benny Burger med. Rare. It came out very very rare. Our waitperson was fantastic. She apologised and in less than a minute the manager was at our table. They cooked up another and it was much better. They comped us dessert for thr "trouble". The service was amazing!! I would go back again. Thank you!

  • Jul 11, 2019 by Lynne Dewey

    Good food and great prices.

    The Chelo Sangria is amazing for all those red fruity sangria lovers.

    There are daily specials, seasonal specials and drink specials, so be sure to poke around and ask.

    Things I did not expect to be as fantastic as they were: Carrot Cake, Roast Beef Sandwich, Pot Roast (Seasonal), Willy Wonka Cookie (I mean I did expect that to be good, it is a WARM chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream in a mini cast iron pan.)

  • Jul 10, 2019 by Joseph Beaulieu

    Diverse but well done menu. A favorite for everyone. Swordfish was cooked and flavored very well. Great price point for the quality. I would return and recommend to others traveling.

  • Jun 20, 2019 by Sara Peek

    Haven't been for regular fare, but I attended a bridal shower in the event room. It was very nice & upscale compared to the casual dining room. The catering was delicious & they staff treated the guests like royalty. Wonderful experience!

  • Jun 19, 2019 by Neil DeCamp

    Always good and inexpensive. Great burger. Cheap but good drinks. A good go to for whenever. Great chowder and lobster salad sandwiches.

  • Jun 19, 2019 by Neil DeCamp

    Always good and inexpensive. Great burger. Cheap but good drinks. A good go to for whenever. Great chowder and lobster salad sandwiches.

  • Jun 08, 2019 by Dave Helman

    Best establishment of this sort I have been in for some time. The atmosphere was great as well as the architecture. Drinks and food came out quickly. The food was hot and the drinks were cold. The waitress was very attentive and enraged us in conversation.

  • Jun 08, 2019 by Dave Helman

    Best establishment of this sort I have been in for some time. The atmosphere was great as well as the architecture. Drinks and food came out quickly. The food was hot and the drinks were cold. The waitress was very attentive and enraged us in conversation.

  • May 17, 2019 by Neal Lund

    Another great family spot.. good old chelos food and drink. Banquet room also..things havent changed much... but that the good part.
    The brass railings take me back.. bring the family and friends.

  • Apr 24, 2019 by Dawn Ricardo

    Are first time here. Food was great and they have amazing specials! Wish this place was in NJ. Great family friendly place that won't break the bank

  • Apr 20, 2019 by Linda Cortez

    Service was good .... Got there late at night after flying into airport, 10:15pm. Staff was friendly and accommodating food was good and fresh.

  • Apr 19, 2019 by Marcia Geden

    The appetizers were delicious. Burgers were good as well. All in all. ... a great place to eat.

  • Mar 29, 2019 by Jay Grossguth

    Always a good value for a decent meal. Hockey banquet every year in the function room is always fantastic. Staff is very nice.

  • Mar 20, 2019 by Duncan McAuley

    Been here a few times now and it's a pretty solid place for a good meal. Great place for groups, too! There was one time where there was somewhere around 20 of us (we all worked just down the street) and Chelo's did fantastic! Service is good and so is the food! Lots of TVs at the bar as well. Might have to come back during March Madness. And I must say, the Irish Cream cheesecake was on point. But I think that might be for a limited time only so get a slice while you can!

  • Mar 13, 2019 by Joe D

    I ordered a Turkey club sandwich with crispy steak fries. They were just what you would go to Chelo's for. Excellent.

  • Feb 27, 2019 by Jayne Todd

    Service was great, food delicious. Their grilled tuna and swiss is delicious. Great chocolate cake and seafood chowder.

  • Feb 21, 2019 by Diane Lundgren

    I really enjoyed my first visit to Chelo's on Post Road in Warwick, RI. The ambiance is warm and the decor was like a flashback from the past. We were greeted as we entered and the door was held open for us as we left. Our waitress, Meagan, was delightful and on top of everything, even with a party of 13! The food was cooked to perfection and portion size was way more than I could eat! I would highly recommend Chelo's for families or just 2 people going out for dinner.

  • Jan 13, 2019 by Pop Sergeant

    Staff members are superior! Menu, service, and quality of food is very fine! You will absolutely get more than you pay for if you are a polite customer!

  • Dec 03, 2018 by Jamie Kane

    Outstanding! We attended my son's football banquet there. Elegant interior, beautifully set tables, delicious brunch, great servers. I wasn't involved in the booking process, nor did I check out the restrooms, so I have no comment on those. The cost of non-players or coaches was $25 a plate, but football players eat a lot, so I'm sure that it balanced out.

  • Nov 23, 2018 by Rob McLaughlin

    Every time I’m up from Jersey I get the award-winning fish and chips. Fantastic! Melissa was our waitress tonight and she was awesome. Great food, staff and atmosphere. If you’re in town you need to check them out.

  • Oct 27, 2018 by Ej Sherry

    This was a real find near the Providence Airport. It was close to the Best Western Airport Inn. It has a spacious dining area with lots of booths. The menu is something for everyone. You want it, and they had it. I went for the clam chowder and half a sandwich. Both were simple, but excellent. Waitress was friendly and well trained and made us feel at home. Loved it.

  • Oct 23, 2018 by Rick Solis

    Great atmosphere, fun staff. The varied menu has something for everyone. The house Margarita I ordered wasn't remarkable. Go for the Patron instead.

  • Oct 06, 2018 by David Benard

    Great selection good service , clean relaxing atmosphere. Had thoughts of maybe some smoked etch glass deviders between levels of small tables kind of close. Great Evening thanks

  • Sep 30, 2018 by Darlene

    Had a very pleasant lunch. Casual menu offers a good variety of luncheon specials. Dinners are also available and prices are reasonable. We had great service, and although the restaurant was busy, we never felt rushed! Definitely would recommend it to families, frends catching up with each other, or a casual lunch or dinner with Mom and or hubby.

  • Aug 28, 2018 by Fabiola Mendes

    This Chelo's is a little different than the one I normally go to. It is set by the water so the view is nice if you want to have a party there. The seat iI had was facing the parking lot. The waitress was friendly and the place was packed. I recommend the bnq pulled pork sandwich and the keylime pie when its in season. The place is rather big and it does get noisy but the food is very delicious for the price. I will be going there again when I am in the neighborhood.

  • Aug 07, 2018 by Daniel T. Cook

    Mike, our server, was great! He was attentive. Our food was delicious, my wife and I had returned to have Chelo's Blueberry cream pie. Thankfully, some friends introduced us to it a couple days ago because we were expecting a pudding pie with blueberries. It was a generous serving of fresh blueberries on a cookie style crust topped with a mountain of fresh whipped cream. It was unforgettably delicious!

  • Jun 20, 2018 by Norman LeBlanc

    Always good consistent food at a fair price. Very helpful staff too.

  • Jun 07, 2018 by D Mitch

    Outstanding steak and potatoes! My son's loved their burgers and fast service.

  • May 10, 2018 by Wendy Verrette

    Close to PROVIDENCE airport in warwick R.I.
    Always enjoy chowder & clam cakes
    Growing up in RI, this is always a treat.
    Every meal is good, try the desserts
    Pie is outstanding!

  • Apr 15, 2018 by Chris Maynard Sr

    Tonight we went in for an early dinner. Our service and food was amazing. I had the all you can eat chicken and ziti and my wife had the Thanksgiving dinner. We legit had the best service ever in this restaurant. The service is always spot on but tonight was AWESOME! Thank you so much Danielle C, for the smile, attentiveness and friendly service!

  • Apr 14, 2018 by Solo401 401

    Best clam cakes, love the onion rings. Great meal every time. Nice staff, relatively inexpensive.

  • Feb 28, 2018 by Roland Pelletier

    Our server Helen was 100% awesome. The food was the best. The house wine was tasty . I would recommend this Chelo's location to everyone.

  • Feb 28, 2018 by Christina Montecalvo

    Meatloaf, music, atmosphere, and service all awesome! The prices are very fair and the teamwork within the staff was nice to see. Beth behind the bar made sure I had everything I needed without a prompt. Her and her comrade behind the bar also took excellent care of the others at the bar from what I could tell and they did it without breaking a sweat. I'm definitely coming back on future trips.

  • Feb 18, 2018 by Freddie Charriez

    The wings are to die for and cham chowder does not fall far behind, excellent service and very fair prices. Thank You Jodi for your amazing service.

  • Jan 17, 2018 by Zen Brown

    Perfect home cooked meals, fairly priced, super nice friendly staff. We received exactly what we ordered and the staff followed up to check on us several times. Great place to get a meal before flying out, great place to go watch the games in the bar, hands down Hometown comfy

  • Jan 03, 2018 by Bob Dale

    They have the best clam chowder on the planet. The crab cakes are really good too. The lobster roll had too much lettuce in the bottom that took away from the lobster. But it's a nice atmosphere with good service.

  • Jan 02, 2018 by Aisha Ashraf

    We went here for a holiday work party. The atmosphere was cozy, and the food tasted great. We ate pasta and meatballs, roasted chicken, salad, and roasted potatoes. For dessert, we got cookies of all kinds and brownies. Scrumptious!

  • Dec 22, 2017 by Charles Hall

    Great food. Friendly staff. Right across the street from T.F. Green Airport. Large function hall. Cozy atmosphere.

  • Dec 05, 2017 by Emilly T

    I was on a business trip and before flying back me and hubby stopped here for dinner. My husband ordered the clam chowder and he devoured it. He said it was probably the best chowder he has ever had. He ordered the chicken pot pie and I ordered the orchard salad and it was delicious. The staff were very friendly and attentive and we will definitely come back the next time we are in town.

  • Nov 27, 2017 by Lynn Caldwell

    Fantastic food, reasonable prices, great service, fabulous atmosphere!

  • Nov 14, 2017 by oddvokk

    Great food, great prices and the bartenders are very attentive and personable

  • Oct 31, 2017 by Lia Morris

    Fantastic menu! They have weekly specials, half off appetizers, and the food is sensational! This is the Tuesday chicken pot pie with dessert combo for $11! Sweet deal.

  • Oct 13, 2017 by Michael Brown

    Good food all day everyday.. Best Bang for the buck..I love everything on the menu...we're can you say that.

  • Oct 05, 2017 by Randy James

    Great restaurant with a well trained staff and amazing management. Food was phenomenal and made fresh.

  • Oct 05, 2017 by Jeffrey Mello

    Always friendly bar staff and always on top of everything. Food never disappoints.

  • Sep 22, 2017 by Evan Ross

    One of my favorites when I'm in the area. I usually go for the roast beef sandwich

  • Jul 31, 2017 by Matt Langlois

    Great food good prices excellent atmosphere been in business a long time I could see why

  • Jul 11, 2017 by Tom Grover

    Great tasting food, quantity is more than enough. Prices are in line and fair. Bar is fun. Takeout is always on Time.

  • Jul 05, 2017 by Robert Wilt

    This is the best Chelo's location. The food is always good with good service.

  • Jun 28, 2017 by carlos oviedo

    Great price for the service and food

  • Jun 25, 2017 by stewart smith

    Good food great service decent price staff is great

  • Jun 18, 2017 by Joseph Lucier

    I have a low fat no salt dietary restriction so not many places I can go out to eat but Chelos bent over backwards to ensure not only that I could safely eat with them but added veggies to my fish to ensure the taste was phenomenal. Had a great time and will be back for that tasty fish.

  • May 26, 2017 by Rob Grimsley

    Great corn chowder. The quesadillas were very good. Priced very inexpensively

  • May 12, 2017 by Erica Famania

    The food was delicious! Really outstanding. The service was great and the atmosphere was really cool. But the food! Mmm!

  • Apr 02, 2017 by Dawn Swift

    The best food ever! Fast service and good friendly people

  • Apr 01, 2017 by steve kabalkin

    Consistently great food at extremely reasonable prices. One of our regular go to places.

  • Feb 27, 2017 by Bonnie Hamilton

    Always good food. Especially their nachos and turkey favs!!

  • Feb 25, 2017 by Michael Sorensen

    Food was great, price good and staff very friendly

  • Feb 15, 2017 by K Doherty

    great prices, food and staff

  • Jan 16, 2017 by Alicia Seguin

    Food is always good!!! Justin was an amazing waiter. Got our complicated order perfect!!!

  • Jan 04, 2017 by Joann Walker

    Excellent food and service. Seasoned green beans were delicious.

  • Jan 01, 2017 by Frey Sigurnbjornson

    Great food.Great,friendly service! !Local place!

  • Jan 01, 2017 by John Gavin

    Always consistent. Great prices for ty food.

  • Jan 01, 2017 by Julie LeBlanc

    Love it! Good food and service consistently!

  • Jul 25, 2016 by Pavli Nashed

    Great food selection, love the half priced apps. The chicken quesadilla is delicious.