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  • Mar 10, 2021 by Lisa A.

    When I rate as 5 Star, it should be 5 Star PLUS! As soon as I walked through the doors and headed to the reception desk and Maria greeted me, I knew I was in good hands!  She was so pleasant, understanding of my fear and let me know I would be just fine.  Maria was spot on!  Dr Kafi and her assistant were amazing!  From start to finish to when the local anesthesia wore off I had NO pain... I thought to myself, did I even have a root canal??  I had such a pleasant experience with Dr. Kafi and all her staff.  Her assistant took time to explain the procedure and then Dr. Kafi came in and explained exactly what she would be doing and her goals throughout the root canal procedure.  The office itself was clean and spotless, the equipment was spotless and what seemed to be advanced and up to date also.  To think that I was extremely anxious about the appointment as with any dental procedure, but Dr. Kafi and staff made me very comfortable and they are extremely professional.   I even received a personal phone call from Dr. Kafi herself, checking in on me the next day.  People TRUST ME, It's not easy to find a good dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Kafi and her staff!  Dr. Kafi is the BEST out there!!!! #truestory

  • Jan 16, 2020 by Mike L.

    I admit, I was nervous about having a root canal.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Dr. kafi and her staff made me feel welcome and at ease.  They made sure I was comfortable throughout the process.  I can't say enough good things  about Dr. Kafi and her staff.

  • Nov 18, 2019 by Adela T.

    Dr. Laila Kafi is an excellent endodontist and makes a root canal experience a quick, enjoyable and comfortable one.  She is very caring, has great chair side manners, listens carefully to the patient,  explains the procedure thoroughly and she puts you at ease.  She uses the latest technologies such as a microscope. Procedure is painless!!!!  I can only trust Dr. Kafi for root canals as I know I will be in great hands. The office is beautiful and very clean.

  • Apr 01, 2019 by Tina S.

    It was recommended for me to come her by my primary dentist. I was having mouth pain that was not related to a cavity or anything in my gums. The whole process to get in was very easy. They were able to get me in the following week of me talking to them after seeing my dentist. Everyone was very nice from the person I talked to for my appointment to the person who helped me when I checked in. I saw Dr. Kraut who very nice also. He explained everything that he was going to do and what I should feel or expect to happen. If your someone who likes to know what is going to happen while at a dentist I do suggest going here.

  • Dec 12, 2018 by Mark F.

    5-stars for Dr. Kraut - what a great doctor! He was patient and kind, explaining everything he was doing as he went along, and taking time to assess for any discomfort during the procedure. He did a great job managing pain - I felt none. There was no pain or discomfort either that evening or the next day. The office staff were professional and polite and informed me of out-of-pocket costs prior to my appointment. If you need to have a root canal I would highly recommend Dr. Kraut.

  • Oct 23, 2018 by Derek V.

    Nothing bad to say, aside from getting a tornado warning as I was getting ready for a root canal. Any tooth pain I may feel is punishment for both taking care of my teeth as I should have. Luckily, Janet made made sure there was no pain involved. Her assistant Heather is an asset to their establishment. Informative, yet makes you feel extremely comfortable. Fast and efficient, and I hopefully won't have to see either of them again within those walls.

  • Aug 14, 2018 by Laurie F.

    When was the last time a dr. walked with you to the check out desk?  Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Janet Tanzi. Knowing my dental fears, she and her assistant Heather explained every step they took during my root canal and when I felt discomfort quickly adjusted their procedures to make things more comfortable. No one likes the dentist but imagine my surprise when Dr. Tanzi escorted me to the front desk to say goodbye and wish me well. Well done I say!!

  • Feb 19, 2018 by Zareena M.

    Dr. Laila Kafi is the epitome of phenomenal. I have the WORST anxiety when it comes to any type of medical procedure(sweating, shaking, crying, my heart beats out of my chest, uncontrollable talking lol), so you can imagine how nervous I was knowing i'd be conscious during my root canal- this was the most informative, PAINLESS dental work i've ever experienced in my life! The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and patient, I told them how anxious I was and they were able to give me some medicine to relax my nerves. Within a half hour after taking it I was calm as can be, they brought me to the back, did some xrays, explained what to expect, and got right to work. Dr. Kafi was so comfortable and at ease during the treatment, it gave me the peace of mind I needed. She let me listen to my headphones and wear sunglasses so what she was doing wasn't as intimidating because I couldn't see. The ENTIRE procedure was PAINLESS; they numbed the area with topical gel before they injected the actual numbing solution into my gums so I didn't even feel a pinch!!! It took less than an hour to complete and I feel like a million bucks! IF YOU NEED A ROOT CANAL VISIT DR. KAFI!!!!! I need some more dental work done and I can ASSURE you i'm coming right back just for her! Great work to Dr. Kafi and her incredible staff, I really appreciate all of your time and consideration!

  • Jan 15, 2018 by Karlene G.

    Dr. Douglas Kraut did my root canal recently , great job, I was very impressed with him , his assistant , staff very knowledgeable, nice office . Root Canal good no problems.Parking easy .

  • Jan 12, 2018 by Jennifer P.

    I was referred to East Side Endodontics by my dentist after I was suffering for a week with excruciating tooth pain that was keeping me from sleeping for nearly a week. I cannot thank Dr. Kraut and his office enough. He was kind, professional, very gentle, and took the time to explain everything, and checked on me consistently throughout my procedure. His staff is friendly and the office is comfortable and inviting. I finally can sleep now that my pain is gone! I would recommend this office to anyone needing a root canal treatment. I have had root canals in the past, and this experience far exceeds the others. It isn't the most exciting thing to have to go through, but Dr. Kraut made it painless and took my fears away. Thank you again!

  • Jun 30, 2017 by Robert Fagnant

  • Dec 13, 2016 by Lyndsay V.

    Dr. Laina is amazing!!  I've had 2 root canals done by her and let me say- the reputation of root canals are far exaggerated.  At least in her case!!  She makes the procedure fast (done in 45 min in both cases) and painless.  Just minor soreness the day after.  I asked for extra Novocaine as well as a pill to calm me beforehand.  You just arrive 15 min early and they'll do that for you.  You just need someone to pick you up. There is a parking lot on the side of the building.  It's small FYI.  The waiting area is cozy, lots of magazine choices and you don't feel like you're on top of everyone else waiting. But it all boils down to Laina and her team.  They put on your choice of music based off Pandora.  They ask you several times if you're comfortable and they make small talk during the procedure to keep your mind occupied.  I'd go nowhere else for a root canal!! No way!!

  • Dec 05, 2016 by Bob Smith

  • Nov 09, 2016 by Bob Fagnant

    Great service.

  • Sep 10, 2016 by Karen Fagnant

    No comments

  • Aug 06, 2016 by Robert Fagnant

    Better lighting would help a lot I think.

  • May 05, 2016 by Jeffrey B.

    If you need a root canal here is the place to go. Dr. Kraut and his staff are excellent. I told Dr Kraut other dentists should learn from him how to make patients numb. The whole process was pain free.

  • Feb 06, 2015 by Mary Ann P.

    Fabulous! Awesome people and I highly recommend dr Kraut. He explains everything and he manages pain very well!! His assistant was awesome too. Of course the secretary, Alexis, is so sweet!

  • Jul 25, 2013 by Traci C.

    I have extreme anxiety with dental procedures and can be very difficult to work with. I went to doctor Tanzi for my first root canal ever and was extremely upset and on edge. Dr. Tanzi and her assistant were beyond patient and accommodating and took the time to ensure that I would not feel any pain. They did not make me feel rushed at any point or indicate that taking it slow would be a problem for them. It definitely made the entire process easier for me. They were great at managing my pain and anxiety and I made it through the procedure without the slightest discomfort. If you are someone who struggles with this sort of this thing, I would definitely recommend this office as well as Doctor Tanzi.